Congratulations on your Groupon purchase! Below is a list of questions and answers that may be helpful to you.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

I have never been to West Shore Wellness and I have a Groupon.  What's next? Simply click here to book your 1st appointment with us.
I have been to West Shore Wellness on a previous Groupon, and now someone has given me a Groupon for a Spa Treatment as a gift.  Am I allowed to use it? ALL Groupon offers are available for NEW CLIENTS ONLY. However, if you want to use a gifted Groupon for an additional visit, we will be happy to honor it for an additional fee of $20 ($40 if it is for 2 people). Book Now and type the voucher # in the comments section, along with "+ $20" or "+ $40".
I can't print out my Groupon voucher, what now? If you are having difficulty printing your voucher, you can bring in your cell phone and pull up the voucher code. We can scan the image at that point. We just need to see the bar code - that is the eight digits under the scan bar image.
What days are you open for spa bookings? Spa treatments are booked Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. Please Click here to book online or click the "Book Now" button below.
Can my partner and I get a spa treatment at the same time? Absolutely! We have a couples room with two heated massage tables, two spa therapists, and we just need the two of you! Moms, daughters, best friends, spouses...come and enjoy a relaxing time together, it's sheer bliss...

Spa Treatments are booked online 24/7 for your convenience!


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What is your cancellation policy? 24 Hour notice... cancellation policy located here.


We like to think of our studio as a respite from the demands of everyday living.  Our success lies in our approach to our clients which is professional, friendly and comforting all at once. We want our clients to feel at ease in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Welcome home to your inner peace, the calmness within. You can find it here...