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West Shore Wellness       Issue date: 04/23/2020


Times like this can be very challenging. Please enjoy the video below, compliments of Maureen, to help you stretch and breathe, and connect with your inner stillness. 




There is a book called Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown.  One of the concepts he puts forth is that difficult circumstances which manifest in our lives are an opportunity to tap into that lower vibration within ourselves, recognize it, and consciously choose to raise (transform) that energy into a higher level so that it no longer has the power to keep us feeling down.

Since the Covid shutdown, I have been noticing my fears and at times a sense of panic within myself.  I am sure many of you are feeling this as well.  In those moments, I start a conscious breathing pattern to clear that energy and stay present with myself. That has been helpful to get through the moment.

The other helpful thing is that I have been walking for about an hour outside each day. That alone raises energy levels within the body. It benefits one’s mood.  It also burns off nervous energy and helps improve sleep.

In addition, taking Maureen’s yoga and work-out classes have both calmed and energized me.

My point is that I would not normally be doing these things if I did not have all this extra time on my hands.  But because this pandemic has shut all the “busy”-ness out of my life, I am in a position to notice more and to address whatever my mind, body and soul are calling for. I am listening more. I am breathing more. I am more present. In this sense, COVID is helping me to transform some of my inner darkness into light.

So, it came to me that I can look at Covid from a different perspective.  This is what came to me…

~~Sending you prayers, love and light.~~



Thank you, Maureen


I just want to personally thank Maureen for providing these classes for all of us.  I have enjoyed them, especially at times when I feel isolated. She brings a warmness that really soothes the heart.  Thank you, Maureen, and may God bless you always. Jane



Gratitude for YOU

On behalf of Maureen, Lara, and myself, we wish to send a huge thank you out to all of our customers. You have validated what we love to do for many years.  We look forward to serving you when we can re-open. I especially wish to thank all who have purchased online gift certificates to support us during the shutdown.  It is heartwarming to know that you will be there as soon as we can be there! Maureen, Lara, and Jane


Shifting Perspective

(a covid mnemonic)

West Shore Wellness


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