Yoga: Currently offsite... Pls text 255-9152 or see Yoga page for more information.

Hours: Tue - Fri: 10AM - 4:30PM, Sat. 10am - 3:30pm (appointment only)

Swedish Massage: With an emphasis on relaxation and letting go of stress and tension – both physical and emotional – this classic and timeless technique of Swedish massage is used to deeply relax tense muscles, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the mind. 60 Minutes $80.00, 90 Minutes $105.00

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: Penetrating massage of target areas (ex., shoulders, back, neck). This session is aimed at releasing deep muscle tension and spasms, relieving pain, and alleviating dysfunction with slow, even pressure. Being properly hydrated before your massage appointment and drinking plenty of water after a deep tissue massage is highly recommended. 60 Minutes $80.00

Foot Reflexology: Foot Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those with tired, achy feet from standing all day, athletic activities, or everyday work and play. Your therapist will treat your feet to an invigorating sugar scrub and hot towel treatment, then give you a complete reflexology treatment. This session will not only help relieve aches and pains, but leaves you feeling completely relaxed. 60 Minutes $80.00

Body & Sole Combo: Combine a full reflexology session with massage to specific areas of tension for total body rejuvenation. 90 Minutes $95.00

Hot Stone Massage: Experience heated Basalt Natural Stones strategically placed on the body and used in conjunction with our signature swedish massage techniques to deeply penetrate into compact muscles to help relax and relieve stress and tension. Let the heat of the stones penetrate your muscles and joints, allowing long-residing tensions to melt away effortlessly. Soak up the benefits of healing from a place of tranquility and comfort. 90 Minutes $115.00

Mother-To-Be Massage: Taking time for yourself during pregnancy can be uplifting emotionally. The soothing touch of massage during pregnancy allows the mommy-to-be to unwind and feel comforted from the stress her body is in due to increased weight, shifting posture and adjusting hormone levels. Our therapist wll provide relief in any areas where you are feeling stress and strain (ex., back, hips, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, scalp). Experience great comfort during this deeply relaxing session. 60 Minutes $80.00

Spa Treatments

Head to Toe Body Bliss: ~Start with a delightful facial massage with alternating warm and cool stones. ~ Continue with a Relaxing Scalp massage and aromatherapy. ~Then enjoy a detoxifying mud wrap for the lower legs. ~Be revived with foot reflexology. Finish with a Back Sugar Scrub and refreshing Hot towel Treatment. 60 Minutes $100.00

Peaceful Glow Face and Foot Symphony: Savor the scents and sensations in this delectable body treatment that is sure to please. We begin with a minty balm massage for the feet to release any tensions from your busy day-to-day life. Enjoy the luxurious application of a soothing mud mask for the feet, which are then wrapped in heated booties to seal in warmth and detoxify the body. Next we move on to the upper body. Be enraptured with a light facial massage followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation using the well known Clarisonic system for thorough facial cleaning. Then comes the application of a specialized creamy enzyme mask, which is removed with hot towels, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The pampering continues with a delicious hand massage which will transport you into a state of relaxation where you feel completely at ease, nurtured and at peace. We finish with a gentle scalp massage, as your mind is soothed and your spirit calmed. 60 Minutes $100.00

Paraffin Plus Body Glaze: Like melted wax, so goes the stress from your body during this exfoliating and moisturizing body treatment. Begin your session with a sugar scrub and paraffin dip for your hands.  Feel free to “glaze over” as you enjoy the initial thermal effects of the paraffin. Heat is transferred from the wax to your skin to relieve aches and stiffness.  In addition, the paraffin provides intensive hydration for healthier, softer skin. Next get ready for a gentle yet invigorating body exfoliation using dry gloves. The gloves are used on your skin to increase circulation, gently remove dead skin cells and target problem areas. This process prepares the skin to absorb moisture from the wax application more thoroughly. The exfoliation is followed by a warm coating of the body applied with hydrating Paraffin strips. Then just relax as the heat and moisture gently soften your skin and relax your muscles. While you are relaxing, we will provide heavenly scalp and foot massages. Finally, as the paraffin cools, it is peeled off smoothly, leaving a healthy shimmer on your skin. 60 Minutes $100.00

Sweetness of Life Sugar Scrub: This treatment lightly buffs skin for an extra soft and smooth feel, Relax and let us do all the work… You don’t have to lift a finger! We use a gently exfoliating sugar scrub infused with jojoba and almond oils to nourish and soften your skin. We use steamed towels to remove all the scrub, so you can relax the whole time! This treatment lightly buffs skin for an extra soft and smooth feel,and gently polishes away dead surface cells and skin dulling debris to reveal the smoother, softer, silkier skin beneath. Enjoy the scented journey and euphoric experience. 60 Minutes $100.00

Couples Massage

2 people – 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage 60 Minutes $160.00

2 people – 1 Hour Full Body Swedish Massage 60 Minutes $160.00

Couples Signature Spa Treatments

2 people – Head-to-Toe Body Bliss 60 Minutes $200.00

2 people – Peaceful-Glow Face & Foot Symphony 60 Minutes $200.00

2 people – Paraffin-Plus Body Glaze 60 Minutes $200.00

2 people – “Sweetness of Life” Sugar Scrub 60 Minutes $200.00