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Going Inward, Free Breath Seminar, and Specials for YOU – ISSUE DATE: March 23, 2020

Dear Friends,
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all yoga classes, spa services, and massage therapy appointments are cancelled until further notice.  We have reached out to all clients booked for this week to cancel, and will re-book as soon as we get the “all clear” from the Governor.  We look forward to serving you again in the (hopefully) near future!

Nurturing ourselves in the meantime

These are unprecedented times we are living in.  I encourage you to spend time outdoors, if possible.  Being in the presence of nature can be calming and rejuvenating.  Find a tree and sit down with your back against the trunk.  The tree’s roots will help to ground your energy back into the earth.  Listen… Breathe…

If you are feeling ill, try to nurture and take care of yourself as you would a sick child.  You are precious, and tender loving care can go a long way toward recovery and feeling healthy and whole again.

Paradoxically, this worldwide pandemic has driven us to “go inside”, literally to stay in our homes.  But it has opened an opportunity for the constant demands of going out into the busy world to come to a hault.  This can be taken as a gift – to be in the resounding presence of quietude. Listen… Breathe…

There may be a book (or 25) sitting on your shelf that you have wanted to read for SO LONG… Now is your chance to delve in. Also, there are lots of free youtube videos on virtually any topic you can think of – from DIY crafts to inspirational speakers…

Free Online Breathwork Summit happening this week…

As some of you know, I am a Certified Transformational Breath facilitator. There was supposed to be an International Breathwork Summit occurring in Turkey this week but due to travel restrictions, the event is happening ONLINE, it is FREE, and it starts TODAY at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

Everyone is invited to witness this extraordinary event, that may have been cost-prohibitive if we had to fly and get hotels…So now it’s free – who knew?  I plan on tuning in…

Here is the link to sign up.

There will be some 45 leaders and teachers in the world of consciousness and breathwork who are offering seminars each day, starting today (March 23rd – March 27th. Click here to attend this free, online event.

In the words of Dr. Judith Kravitz, my teacher, and founder of Transformational Breath: “Stress can literally take your breath away… On the other hand, maybe you consciously stop to take a deep breath before an important meeting, phone call, or decision… to release tension and feel a greater sense of ease and embodied presence. Breath is one of the only involuntary bodily functions we can consciously alter at any time… and it directly and powerfully affects our consciousness, physiology, and brain chemistry. Chronic stress patterns, addictive behaviors, emotional overwhelm — all these common challenges can be potently met with the gentle elixir of breath modulation…” Judith will be one of the presenters. Sign up free here.

And finally, we are offering bonuses on Gift Certificates during our temporary closure…

Purchase an $80 gift certificate for $75

Purchase a $120 gift certificate for $105

Purchase a $240 gift certificate for $200

Note: On the Gift Certificates page, select “Services”, then click the drop down arrow to “Gift Certificates – Specials”, and you will see the specials…

We look forward to seeing you again…

Until then, be well, God bless, and Namaste.

The Staff at West Shore Wellness