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2020 Here we Come!

January 2020

The eve of a New Year,

a new Decade ahead,

and a moment to be Present

Dear Friends,

No matter the anticipation for the new year or judgements of the past, we only have This Moment.  Find a quiet space to be right now, and take a breath…inhale, exhale, naturally.  Inhale, exhale, again…gently… Notice if you are breathing through the nose or mouth…can you feel the cool air coming in? the warm air going out? This is what Presence feels like…Breath is Life.  Each breath we take is life… we may be feeling gratitude and joy and abundance, we may be feeling lost, lonely, and lacking…They are only feelings. They are not what we are.  They are there to wake us up to our true selves. Allow any feelings to just be there.  It may be uncomfortable because YOU ARE FEELING… let it come, and let it go, just like the breath…You are perfect as you are. You are beauty.  You are brave. You chose to be on this journey.  Let it be one of AWAKENING to your true nature. My work with Transformational Breath and reading The Presence Process by Michael Brown are two tools that have helped me to release much emotional heaviness that I had carried for 40+ years. I feel lighter and more authentic than I ever have, and this has been a permanent shift.  To breathe consciously is to feel, which is how to get to the other side. Give it a try.  If we find ourselves holding our breath, then we are resisting that feeling, stuffing it energetically within ourselves, only to be triggered at a later date.  When you breathe through the feeling, know that you are integrating that stuffed emotion, meaning you are embracing it into the whole of you. You are becoming whole again. You will then find that situations which triggered you in the past do not trigger you with the same intensity.  Whatever works for you to feel joyful, centered, and at peace, I encourage you to continue that practice. Or try one of the methods I have mentioned here, or just set the intention to experience your highest and greatest good, each and every day. And allow that intention to come to fruition.






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